Exquisite chicken

``The Queen of poultry, the poultry of Kings`` - 19th-century epicure and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the world's first foodie.
The Bresse, a 400 year old poultry breed originating from Eastern France, almost became extinct around the 1900s. The integrity of the bird was thankfully preserved and selectively bred exclusively in the region of Bresse, France. Now, the Australian Bresse is being raised in our great outdoors living up to its reputation as the best tasting chicken in the world, putting premium poultry back on the dinner table.

Australian Bresse

The perfect free range bird for regenerative agriculture practices
The Australian Bresse with its trademarked blue legs, scarlet red comb and bright white feathers is the perfect domestic chicken in a free range environment. A heritage bird that is slow growing, thrives in the outdoors, free ranges in lush grass looking for insects and bugs, finished with milk and Manuka honey and fitting in perfectly with regenerative agriculture systems, the Australian Bresse is raised how chickens should be raised, and tastes how chicken ought to taste.

Meet The Farmers

A young family with the passion and determination to grow premium food, farmed regeneratively
Dan and Lyndal, country kids who spent their 20's in the big smoke, found themselves in their 30's farming on the spectacular Far South Coast with the goal of growing high quality, delicious food. Four years ago they built a pastured free range egg business producing rich, creamy and highly nutritious eggs well supported by their local region, across the 3 states of the Eastern seaboard and into Canberra. Recipients of a Regional Jobs and Investment Package grant, Dan and Lyndal began diversifying in order to grow their regenerative agriculture farm and close the loop, now breeding, raising and processing the coveted Australian Bresse in their mechanised, mobile abattoir with their young son Leo observing intently and eager to participate in the family business.

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